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man from Exile

1.00 (27th October 1995)

First public release at Acorn World '95

1.01 (12th November 1995)

Fixed 'undefined' behaviour in BCD mode exploited by Exile's protection. Protected Master Compact version now runs.

Fixed interrupt handling so that Exile's speech works.

BBC Keymap option removed

!RunExile and !RunImogen added to the Utils directory

1.02 (6th December 1995)

Added support for loading short snapshots (without the OS ROM)

Bug fix in "Pass on OSCLI"

Removed bug in timers that appeared in 1.01

1.10 (14th January 1996)

ROMSEL paging speeded up slightly (RJW)

Main sprite changed, sprite on icon bar now indicates which machine is being emulated (widths should all be the same, 54 currently) (RGH)

Fixed bugs in *SRWrite

Keymap option added

Keymap directory added (including Risc PC key mapping)

Keymap command added to Script Language

Different code for BBC/Master Emulation (BBC should be a bit faster)

Snapshots now grabbed properly if they are the !Run file of an Application (should now be RISC OS 2 friendly)

Now possible to have an application without a !Run file

If the emulator is in BBC 'B' mode then when a file is *EXEC'd from the desktop or from a Script PAGE is set to &1900

Paged ROMs Option should now work

Sound now at maximum volume by default (DHS)

Bug fixed in Sound (Alien 8, Jet Pac, Zalaga, Revs) (DHS)

Unwanted bracket in PROCdir removed

Volume and Keymap now saved by 'Save Options'

Files of type &FFB (BASIC) and &FFE (Command) can now be dragged to the icon bar (which resets the emulator and runs them)

Bug fixed in *CAT

Support for MOS 3.5 added (SHEILA no longer in memory map)

Snapshot format changed to cope with MOS 3.5 (Sheila at start, option to save SW RAM & MOS) - old snapshots can still be loaded

Bug fixed that caused emulator to slow down when key held or speech was being generated

SaveROMs added to Utils; RipMaster and RipCompact deleted

Another bug fixed in timers (Airwolf, Repton 3 Editor)

Official SWI Chunk allocated (&4C480)

BBCDecode5 included to cope better with illegal filenames (RGH)

1.20 (21st February 1996)

Electron Emulation added

Bug fixed in icon bar redraw

Tick removed from Keymap menu

IndexFile command added to Scripts to cope with CHAIN "" etc

Keyboard handling speeded up slightly

Tweaked timer handling slightly (Thrust, JSW, Repton 2/3, etc, etc)

Screen cleared if width or height decreased by too much (Repton 3, Ghouls)

Loading into memory will now not flow from below &8000 to above &8000

Increased template space for RISC OS 2

Bug fixed (crashed if screen start address too small)

SaveROMs updated to work on MOS 3.2 again

Reading CSD improved to recover from errors

Cursor now fully emulated (start line, end line, width, blink)

Bug fixed (screen corrupted during *Cat, *Spool, etc)

Grand Prix Construction Set patch improved

1.30 (26th March 1996)

Read CSD and Reset Options moved to Misc Menu

Disable Tape option added to Misc Menu (BBC & Electron only)

New Script commands: Cursor [On|Off], ExactSpeed [On|Off], DisableTape, LoadROM, LoadRAM

Bug fixed in IndexFiles

Updated so that Fortress works for the right reason (CRT reg 9 not reg 3!)

Cursor code tweaked slightly (no update on write to reg 10)

No error returned if you try to change into a non-existent single letter dir

Added support for better OSWORD &7F if ImageDFS module loaded

RipDFSDisc updated to read Images of DFS discs

*DRIVE will now interrogate ImageDFS (if present) to determine drive & dir

*DRIVE R will read RISC OS's CSD into the emulator (Read CSD)

A file whose load and execute addresses are 0 will now be *EXEC'd

Execute address of &80E7 (MOS 3.5) now recognised as BASIC

Support added for Shift-Break - If !Boot is not found then !Run will be loaded as a 'BBC Script' (Boot option not supported)

SaveROMs fixed (properly this time!) and updated for the Electron

Writing to screen and moving cursor speeded up (RJW)

Master Shadow screen speeded up (RJW)

Icon bar sprite no longer filled (Risc PC textures)

File loading tidied slightly

Bug fixed in OSFILE 255 (Imogen)

Tick back in keymap menu

Save template now has radio icons

*BACK added to Virtual DFS

Caps Lock light emulated

Risc PC keymap updated (#~ key)

1.40 (4th April 1996)

Icon bar no longer flickers on update

Added support for SWIs inside emulator like !65Host (Opcode &07)

New Script command: KillROM

LoadROM and LoadRAM can now load images from anywhere

On the Master *EX and *INFO now just return rather than freezing

Bug fixed in *DIR (ADFS::4.$.BBC)

Bug fixed in *SRLOAD (+ in filename)

RAM banks can now be referred to by letters in *SRLOAD, *SRWRITE

Risc PC keymap tweaked (Master Keypad)

Bug fixed in cursor

Jump table for CRT (finally!)

1.50 (29th May 1996)

SWIs changed from DFS_ TO ImageDFS_

Error handling much improved

6502Support module removed on exit

Bug fixed: MEM: in OSWORD 72

Option to turn sound off (speed gain)

Option for fast Hardware Scrolling

New Script commands: Sound [On|Off], ScrollHack

1.60 (30th August 1996)

JMP (&xxFF) 'bug' emulated in BBC and Electron

Variable speed added

New script command Speed <speed>

Exact speed menu option removed, script command ExactSpeed still works

Configure dialogue box added, Options menu removed

Changed slightly to work better with ImageDFS

2.00 (1st November 1996)

DFSImage files (&B22) can now be dragged to icon bar (if ImageDFS loaded)

Behaviour of *DRIVE changed

Bug fixed: *DR.0 and *DRIVE0 now accepted

*Mount now works

*InitStore taken out of '!Run' file

Added support for printing

Bug fixed in vsync code (mode not being changed)

Bug fixed in cursor code (mouse pointer appearing)

Rip65Host rewritten to run on StrongARM (RJW)

Bug fixed in palette (LDRB)

No Joystick option added

Tick back on keymap menu

Config window notices changes in keymap better

Bug fixed: changing between machines

Bug fixed: patches in Electron mode

Bug fixed: shift-break in Master/Electron

Bug fixed: error handling when sound is off

Master memory paging completely rewritten

Save-screen-as-sprite code tweaked to cope with new memory map

Bug fixed: erroneous fire button if joystick off

2.10 (24th November 1996)

Adjust on icon bar -> Config Window

Ctrl-Select on icon bar -> Read CSD

Limited support added for adding Shifted keys to keymap ("Natural")

Support added for Archimedes and Risc PC keymaps in the same file

Initialising of keymaps tidied up

Noise channel changed slightly (Arcadians)

Bug fixed: spurious cursor on screen refresh

3.00 (3rd May 1999)

Support for User Port added via OS_Byte 150,151

Support for bidirectional parallel ports if OS_Bytes 150,151 not available

Screen code rewritten: mode 12 now used for all graphics, cursor code changed for mode 12, support for mode changes mid-screen, support for palette changes mid-screen, screen centred in 'thin' modes, vsync interrupt occurs at correct place in screen, support for Firetrack-style vertical scrolling

Timers rewritten: T1,T2,T3,T4 moved to _middle_ two bytes of word, various bugs fixed etc

Bug fixed: Nightshade screen not displayed (crt reg 12/13)

Bug fixed: Joystick fire buttons pressed when first read

Bug fixed: X SWIs being called too often, very very slow!

Bug fixed: interrupts not being checked after a PLP

Bug fixed: OSWORD 14,1 no longer used to read year (Master 128 CMOS)

Master OS patched to avoid Millennium bug (will now work longer than RISC OS!)

3.02 (4th June 1999)

Bug fix: snapshot saving did not work

Error handling better when loading options file

Option added to alter DIP switch settings (mode & reverse shift-break) (BBC B only)

CCModePatch module added to Utils for Colour Card users 4.00

All screen code rewritten to work in 256 colour hi-res (640x512) modes for Iyonix or StrongARM (Electron still 640x256)

640*500 mode needed for Mode 7 to work correctly on Iyonix

Option added in !Run file to redirect printer output (set to null by default)

Bug fixed in FNleaf

New RISC OS 5 Sprites added (RGH)

Support added for Disc Images (.SSD, RISC OS type &B22)

Support added for UEF Tapefiles (RISC OS type &BBC, !gzip needed)

VIA timer code rewritten (Skirmish, Nutcracka now work)

Bug fixed in screen code (possibility of invalid pointer)

Check now made to see if screenmode available

Bugfix(?): FNstripquotes added to cope with *RUN "CH-EGG":REM...


Saving Sprite didn't work in 256 colour modes: dynamic area now claimed, so this will now work only on RISC OS 3.5 or higher

flashing colours wrong way round in 256 colour modes

Bugfix: fixed problem in timers 1 & 3 introduced in v4.00

Bugfix: fixed problem in timers (Planetoid) introduced in v4.00

Bugfix(?): Jack Attack relies on opcode &1A being NOP not INA

Bugfix: Opcode &07 (SWI) not working - BeebItFS now works

Bugfix: Script command LOADRAM behaving like LOADROM

Autoload facility added for ROMs in !6502Em.ROMs.Autoload.Socket[n]

Virtual DFS moved to autoload system (it can now be replaced with BeebItFS if required)

Bugfix: missing ENDIF in PROCkey

Keymaps updated

Games that DO NOT WORK: Firetrack, Boffin, Uridium

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