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Software for Windows
   Cabriolet Dynamic Geometry
   Tsunami/Griddler Solver
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   Cabriolet Dynamic Geometry
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   Cabriolet Dynamic Geometry
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   Cabriolet Dynamic Geometry


man from Exile

Select on the icon bar to enter emulator

Adjust to open Configure window

f12 Return to desktop

f11 Decrease Volume

shift-f11 Increase Volume

ctrl-F11 Rewind tape one block

f10 Refresh screen and palette

The Electron keys are handled separately and are defined in !6502Em.Resources.ElkKeys

All other keys can be redefined by adding a new keymap to !6502Em.Keymaps

The Default keymap will make keys behave exactly as they would on a real BBC irrespective of what is written on them on your keyboard

The Natural keymap will attempt to make the keys generate the symbol that is printed on the key, but will not work for symbols that need shift on the BBC but not under RISC OS or vice-versa for instance ^ : ' = _

Murklesoft: Software for Windows and RISC OS

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