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man from Exile


This submenu shows which sockets have images in them, and which of them are write-protected (ticked).

By selecting items, the write-protection can be changed.


This submenu offers the following options:

Read CSD

This sets the emulator's Currently Selected Directory (CSD) to RISC OS's CSD. Each copy of the emulator (if more than one is running) keeps its own CSD internally.


This option performs the equivalent to a power-on reset (within the emulator)

Disable Tape (BBC B and Electron Only)

This option will patch the emulated machine's operating system to send all Tape commands through Virtual DFS. It can only be deactivated by changing Machine or quitting the emulator, so should be used with caution

No Joystick

This option will disable all emulation of joysticks


This allows the current state of the emulator to be saved. This may not work satisfactorally in Master 128 or Master Compact mode as sideways ROMs etc are not saved.


It allows the emulator's screen to be saved as a Sprite, although MODE 7 teletext screens cannot be saved


This menu option leads to a dialogue box with the following options:

Emulate Paged ROMs determines whether or not the emulator supports paged ROMs

Emulate Cursor - when un-ticked the cursor is not emulated

Pass on * comands to RISC OS - when selected, unrecognised * commands are passed through to RISC OS (eg *Speaker Off, *Cache On)

Emulate Sound - this option allows the sound to be turned off which may also speed up the emulator if you have a slow machine

Use Owl for untyped files - this option determines whether a different icon should be used for unfiletyped icons (ie those that have a load and run address instead). The icon is an owl with RED eyes (An owl with GREY eyes is used for files with a filetype of &BBC)

Machine - this menu lets you choose which computer to emulate. Menu options will be greyed out if the appropriate ROMs are not available

Keymap - this menu lets you choose a different key mapping for the emulator from !6502Em.Keymaps

Speed - this menu allows the emulator to be run at different speeds. Setting the speed above a certain value will have no effect, depending on your computer. A value of 10000% will make the emulator run as fast as possible. (unless you have a very fast computer.....)

Refresh - this lets you determine how often (frames per second) the emulator will update the screen. By lowering this the emulator will go faster (depending upon the speed setting)

Default restores all the above options to their default value It also restores the sound volume to maximum

Save saves the above options (plus volume) for the next time the emulator is loaded (the Scroll Hack option will not be saved)

OK clears the dialogue box (the dialogue box is "instant effect" ie options change as you click on them)

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