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man from Exile

Script Files

These are files intended to be the !Run file of an application directory containing a BBC game.

When the application is run, !6502Em will be loaded if necessary (so long as it has been 'seen' by the filer).

Within the script file, you can alter certain features of the emulator and specify which file to run first to load the game.

The emulator's internal Currently Selected Directory (CSD) will be set to the directory containing the script file.

The first line of the file MUST be:

BBC Script

On later lines, you may use the following commands:

Sound [On|Off]
Machine 'machinename'
TapeFile 'filename'
IndexFile 'filename'
Keymap [Default|'keymapname']
LoadROM 'filename'
LoadRAM 'filename'
KillROM 'ROMName'
ExactSpeed [On|Off]
Speed 'Speed'


'keymapname' is the name of a 'Keymap' in !6502Em.Keymaps,
'machinename' is one of BBCB, Master128, OS3.5, Compact, Electron

Patch and Palette are depreciated

IndexFile takes a file containing names of files (in order) that will be loaded when a CHAIN"" or *RUN"" is issued (in the same directory as the Script)

The last line of the script is then used to determine how to run the game.

If the last line is non-existent, then the emulator will try to load a file of the same name as the application directory.

If the last line is just a single word, then the emulator will try to load a file of this name.

In both these cases, the emulator will try to work out whether the file is BASIC from its execution address or filetype. (&801F, &8023, &802B, &80E7 are executions addresses recognised) Otherwise it will be *Run'd

If it is recognised as BASIC from its execution address, page will be set to its load address before it is loaded.

If the last line contains a space (ie is not a single word) or starts with CHAIN or * then that line will be typed into BASIC by the emulator.

eg to turn the sound off, the last line might be: OSCLI "FX210,1" : *Run GameObj

Some example Scripts:

BBC Script

BBC Script
Keymap Arcadians

BBC Script
Palette Off

BBC Script
Machine BBCB

BBC Script
Machine Master128
MODE2 : */M128Elt

BBC Script
PAGE=&1900 : OSCLI "FX210,1" : LOAD "LISTING"

BBC Script
TapeFile JSW
Machine BBCB

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