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man from Exile


The Emulator runs too slowly

The emulator can be speeded up by turning off the 'Sound' option. It can also be speeded up by decreasing the framerate.

On slow machines is is also worth setting the speed to 10000%

Game will run from Tapefile but not from Virtual DFS

Although VDFS does not need memory from amp;E00 TO amp;1900 some games corrupt the extended vector workspace in amp;D page which is necessary for Sideways ROMs to work.

The 'Disable Tape' option can sometimes cure this.

Screen is corrupted

You can press f10 to refresh the screen.

Some game objects flicker or disappear

press f10 or change the Framerate

I can't change drive

You should use, eg, '*Mount 0' to change drive, or you can use a command like '*DIR ADFS::0.$.Games' to change drive and directory.

I can't save the screen as a sprite

If the save option is greyed out it is because the emulator has not yet been into a graphics mode - MODE 7 screens cannot be saved out.

Games run too fast or too slow in Electron Mode

The speed control works slightly differently in Electron mode - it's worth experimenting with it both UP and DOWN.

Printout Appears all on one line

Printer ignore character is set to 10.

Solution: type *FX6,0 inside emulator.

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