Software for Windows and RISC OS

Software for Windows
   Cabriolet Dynamic Geometry
   Tsunami/Griddler Solver
Software for RISC OS
   Cabriolet Dynamic Geometry
Software for Linux
   Cabriolet Dynamic Geometry
Software for Newton
   Cabriolet Dynamic Geometry

Latest News

  • June 2006: Z80Em now fully Iyonix compatible (thanks to Colin Ferris).
  • October 2005: Initial release of Cabriolet for Linux
  • April 2005: WinClip 0.16 released (now hopefully works with Firefox)
  • March 2005: WinClip 0.15 released (some bugfixes and enhancements)
  • March 2005: All our software is now available to buy online
  • March 2005: 6502Em version 4 and Z80Em version 4 have been released.

Murklesoft: Software for Windows and RISC OS

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