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man from Exile

Latest News

6502Em 4.00 has now been released. New features:

  • Now runs on Iyonix
  • Now runs in high resolution pixel doubled mode on StrongARM or better (BBC/Master/Compact only, not Electron).
  • Now loads disc images (.SSD) directly
  • Now loads most UEF tapefiles
  • VIA timer code rewritten (Skirmish, Nutcracka now work)
  • Now tested on Virtual A5000/RPC and RISC OS Select/Adjust

6502Em is a BBC/Master/Compact/Electron emulator for RISC OS 3.1 or above. It has the following features:

  • Runs the original unaltered OS 1.2
  • Superb sound emulation (including speech)
  • High resolution pixel doubled modes on fast machines
  • Exact Screen Emulation (Elite, Revs, UIM, Exile, etc)
  • Cunning emulation of the DFS directory structure within ADFS
  • Loads in sampled BBC tapes and supports UEF format
  • Loads disc images (SSD format)
  • Copes with many forms of both tape and disc protection
  • Full filing system (*SPOOL, *EXEC, OSGBPB etc etc)
  • Page at &E00
  • Proper emulation of the keyboard interrupt & keyboard
  • Completely redefinable keymap
  • Full emulation of both VIAs
  • Full emulation of strange screen shapes
  • Full emulation of hardware scrolling
  • Snapshots to save state of emulator
  • Save screen as Sprite
  • RISC OS * Commands from within emulator
  • Supports paged ROMs and RAMs
  • Desktop frontend (F12 to return)
  • Electron emulation
  • Master 128 and Master Compact emulation
  • Supports Acorn's Joystick SWI

6502Em is now available to buy online using PayPal.

click here to pay with PayPal 6502Em Single User £15 (ROMs not included)

click here to pay with PayPal 6502Em Upgrade to version 4 £10 (ROMs not included)

System requirements:

  • RISC OS 3.1 or higher (pre-Iyonix)
  • RISC OS 5.01 or higher (Iyonix)
  • Working MODE 7, MODE 12 640x256 (pre-StrongARM), MODE 21 640x512 (StrongARM, Iyonix)

All prices are for delivery by email (or a download link can be provided on request) usually within 48 hours, but please allow up to 2 weeks.

No VAT to pay.

All products are individually encoded with a unique serial number.

[Screenshot of 6502Em running in Virtual RPC]

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