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   Cabriolet Dynamic Geometry
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   Cabriolet Dynamic Geometry
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   Cabriolet Dynamic Geometry

Miscellaneous Utilities


This program reads in files from the current directory and turns them into a disc image (.SSD)

Download it here: MakeImage2


This program extracts files from disc images (.SSD)

Download it here: RipDFSDisc


This program runs on a Master 128 and allows you to sample in tapes which can then be loaded into 6502Em

Download it here: ReadTapes11


This program extracts files from TapeFiles (as created by ReadTapes, above).

Download it here: BBCDecode5


This program saves ROMs from a BBC B/Master 128/Compact in a form suitable for using in 6502Em

Download it here: SaveROMs

BeebTape (by Alex Macfarlane Smith)

This allows you to create 6502Em format Tapefiles from files on a RISC OS machine. So if you have a game that doesn't work from disc in 6502Em, it might be worth putting it together as a Tapefile.

Go to to download it.


This is for Computer Concepts ColourCard users. It intercepts mode changes to the appropriate ColourCard modes.

Download it here: CCModePatch


This module allows the Joystick SWI to access a BBC-style analogue joystick plugged into a User Port podule. If no podule is present the SWI reads from the mouse instead.

Download it here: JSEmulator


This module remaps some of the keys in !65Host to make some games (eg Snapper, Arcadians) playable.

Download it here: BBCKeys


This module swaps F12 and ctrl-F12 in the desktop. The original version of this swapped F10 and F12 for an A4 laptop.

Download it here: CtrlF12

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